Nytra Zim Mobile Learning Application Launch

Nytra Zim Mobile Learning Application Launch

Dec 15, 2021 | E-Learning, News | 0 comments

In a ground breaking ceremony, on the 9th December 2021, at Crowne Plaza Monomotapa, we separated ourselves from other local publishers as we launched Nytra – a free mobile learning application that has been evaluated and approved as value adding to learners by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE)

Nytra means eye, ziso in Shona or ilihlo in Ndebele. It’s an app that brings our textbooks to life by mainly using the powerful sense of the eye as it integrates the modern learners’ love of short videos, gadgets and the educative content that they need to absorb 😊. It is a very appealing learning method which invariably stimulates class participation and creative thinking in learners.

Nytra addresses four learning styles which are visual, auditory, reading and kinesthetic (VARK), therefore appeals to different types of learners needs.

The Nytra Zim digital content is embedded in our Spring Up textbooks that have been approved as following the New Competence-Based Curriculum, and is therefore very relevant to the learners of Zimbabwe. It has been fully evaluated and endorsed by the MoPSE after having been officially tried, tested and highly recommended by learners, teachers, parents and heads of schools.

This is the first of its kind in the country, it is CUTTING EDGE.

It is low cost set up and all you need to set it up are 3 items- a Spring Hub Publishing Textbook, a smart gadget and internet connectivity.

Nytra can be downloaded on Google Play Store or App Store.

So hurry! Buy a Spring Hub Publishing textbook by visiting our online store.

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