Nytra Zim Mobile E-learning Application

Nytra Zim E-Learning Mobile Application

Nytra means eye, ziso in Shona or ilihlo in Ndebele. It’s an app that brings our textbooks to life by mainly using the powerful sense of the eye as it integrates the modern learners’ love of short videos, gadgets and the educative content that they need to absorb 😊. It is a very appealing learning method which invariably stimulates class participation and creative thinking in learners.

Nytra Zim is an augmented Reality (AR) app. Loosely speaking AR, is the technology which can be used to aid learning through visual demonstration of abstract concepts using digital tools. AR allows learners to see their 2D content, in 3D format using the same media- a textbook.

Download Nytra Zim on Apple Store and Google Play Store

nastra download app apple
nastra download app apple

Nytra Zim Application Launch [Watch Video]

Nytra means eye, ziso in Shona or ilihlo in Ndebele. 

How to Get Started With Nytra Zim

1. Buy a Spring Up textbook

Browse our book store and place an order.

2. Download Nytra Zim Application

Get the Nytra Zim application from the Apple Store or Play Store.

3. Sign Up and Login

Sign up and Login to access your account profile.

4. Select Grade on Spinner Wheel

Select a subject you want to learn.

5. Select Subject

Wait for the book to transfer to your phone.

6. Scan QR code and Watch Your Book Come Alive

Scan the QR code and watch your book come alive.

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