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Satisfied Clients

Infant Books

ECD Learners’ book

The ECD learner’s books, which are also the textbooks for use in this level have been created with love and heart for our little learners. The idea was to make these formative years very enjoyable as the foundation for literacy is being laid. Lots of colour and catchy images have been incorporated so as to draw the young learners to the development of their learning and reading skills.

A very simple but highly effective approach has been the focus in development of these books for the benefit of both the learners as well as the ECD teachers or any knowledge giver available to guide the learners.

We value quality in the form of content as well as the strength of our books, our books are therefore PUR bound and stitched for a longer life span.


The ECD Work Books work hand in hand with the ECD learner’s books and have been developed to cover all learning areas. These are meant to cement what would have been learnt in the learner’s book by way of active learning through writing, drawing, cutting, painting etc., therefore developing the fine motor skills of the young learners. A wide variety of activities have been adopted in these workbooks in an effort to avoid monotony and keep the learners engaged.

Grade 1 and 2 Text Books

Grade 1 and 2 learner’s books are developed as a follow up to the ECD material. In these series, content is developed following the spiral approach that is from simple to complex and from known to unknown. The series remain colorful as engagement skills are further developed.

What We Offer


The Spring Up Readers are meant to introduce the culture of reading and to develop children’s vocabulary. They focus on the development of the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Teacher’s Guide

Our Teacher’s Guides accompany the corresponding learner’s books to assist the teacher to deliver the lesson as well as carry out practical activities and exercises with the learners. They also provide possible solutions and answers to the activities and exercises in the learner’s book.

Junior School Textbooks

‘Spring Up’ is the series name for all our Primary School Textbooks. They are developed in a manner that will captivate learners and in so doing impart knowledge and skill to mould tomorrow’s employment creators.
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