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Aug 29, 2022 | E-Learning, Nytra Zim | 0 comments

We are pioneering the integration of eLearning solutions in daily learning activities through the introduction of a bespoke eLearning mobile application called Nytra Zim, eBooks and chunks of bite size E-Content. We have developed our various eLearning solutions and platforms with our value of INCLUSIVITY in mind.

{a} Nytra Zim – it’s the first of its kind in Zimbabwe and uses the technology of Augmented Reality and introduces learners to short videos that are developed based on real life and relatable issues to further explain concepts learnt.

{b} E-Books- Spring Hub Publishing has made its manuscripts available as eBooks as well as in bite size chunks which can be used in different stages of teaching, learning and assessments.


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What We Offer

Infant School Books

The ECD learner’s books, which are also the textbooks for use in this level have been created with love and heart for our little learners. The idea was to make these formative years very enjoyable as the foundation for literacy is being laid.

Teacher’s Guide

Our Teacher’s Guides accompany the corresponding learner’s books to assist the teacher to deliver the lesson as well as carry out practical activities and exercises with the learners. 

Junior School Textbooks

‘Spring Up’ is the series name for all our Primary School Textbooks. They are developed in a manner that will captivate learners and in so doing impart knowledge and skill to mould tomorrow’s employment creators.


The Spring Up Readers are meant to introduce the culture of reading and to develop children’s vocabulary. They focus on the development of the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
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