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   Nytra Zim Mobile App

Nytra Zim is a mobile application that supports the e-learning drive for the learners of Zimbabwe by allowing their Spring Up Textbooks to come alive through videos, animations and voice overs.

It is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe, giving learners a rare opportunity of buying a very affordable textbook as well as technology at once- a Two- In-One bargain.

The application is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

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About Spring Hub Publishing

Spring Hub Publishing offers Infant Textbooks and Junior School Textbooks including Readers. It also offers Teacher’s guides for some of the learning areas. All our textbooks are based on the new curriculum and are approved by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

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book store - infant & junior school textbooks, readers and teachers guides for sale in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Infant School Books

The ECD learner’s books, which are also the textbooks for use in this level have been created with love and heart for our little learners. The idea was to make these formative years…

Teacher’s Guide

Our Teacher’s Guides accompany the corresponding learner’s books to assist the teacher to deliver the lesson as well as carry out practical activities and exercises with the learners.

Junior School Textbooks

‘Spring Up’ is the series name for all our Primary School Textbooks. They are developed in a manner that will captivate learners and in so doing impart knowledge and skill to mould tomorrow’s…


The Spring Up Readers are meant to introduce the culture of reading and to develop children’s vocabulary. They focus on the development of the four language skills of listening, speaking…

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